Called to Believe

Sadly in our days, in the church and outside of it, faith has become this weak, personal thing – held uncertainly and not really worth setting forth.  This ought not to be the faith of the Gospel, the Christian faith, the faith that feeds upon the truth as it is in Christ.  Lord, increase my faith!

J.W. Alexander, one of the Pastor-Theologian sons of Archibald Alexander (think, Princeton University) wrote, “The deep persuasion of a single great truth may sway a man’s character and actuate his life.  Let it be the resurrection, or the judgment, or justification by faith – it casts its broad shadow over the whole prospect; every day of life feels its impression.”

Then a bit later in this sermon entitled The Efficacy of Strong Faith we read, “Fill a soul up to the brim with realizing and absorbing persuasion of capital truth, and it runs over.  There is a holy contagion in strong faith.  To increase our influence for God, it is not so necessary to prescribe rules, as to believe mightily, with that faith which is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.  Kindle this fire, and the flame of love shall presently break forth in holy, irresistible action. O my brethren, this is what we need, to give our religion actuality, and to produce results in the Church…”

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