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Past Livestream Videos

Feb. 7 a.m. Elijah’s Confrontational Ministry Continues

Feb 7 p.m. Praying for Our Greatest Physical Need

Jan. 31 a.m.  God’s Will and Christian Suffering

Jan. 31 p.m. God’s Truth Has the Last Word

Jan 24 a.m.   Ahab’s Sad Remorse

Jan 24 p.m.   Our God Reigns!

Jan. 17 a.m.  Devoted to the LORD or “Sold to Work Evil”?

Jan. 17 p.m. True Religion Stated in the First Petition

Jan. 10 a.m.  Beginning Our Prayer Reverently and Confidently

Jan. 10 p.m.  The Prophets Continue to Address King Ahab

Jan. 3 a.m.  Elijah Obeys and Finds Elisha

Jan. 3 p.m.  Lord Hear My Prayer

New Year’s Day 2021 Running with the Finish Line in View

New Year’s Eve 2020 Considering Our Great High Priest

Dec.  27 a.m.  Commanding Our Greatest Diligence

Dec. 27 p.m.  We Have Come to Worship Him

Christmas Day 2020 Joy to the World

Dec. 13 a.m. The Promise of Everlasting Life

Dec. 13 p.m. Delighting the Lord

Dec. 6 a.m. A Faithful Advent Saying

Dec. 6 p.m. Lasting Encouragement for Deacons (Office Bearer Installation)

Nov. 29 a.m. The Gospel of Christ Spread

Nov. 29 p.m. Put in Our Proper Place Before God

Nov. 22 p.m. God Preserves His People

Nov. 15 a.m. The Lord Sends Rain

Nov. 15 p.m. Godly Marriage is a Glorious Thing

Nov. 8 a.m. Wisdom is Life

Nov. 8 p.m. Turning the Heart of the People Back to the Lord

Nov. 1 a.m. Elijah Meets Obadiah, Another God-fearer

Nov. 1 p.m. Jesus is the Light of the World

Oct. 25 a.m.  By Faith Noah was a Preacher of Righteousness and Condemned the World

Oct. 25 p.m. The Only Comfort for Life and Death

Oct. 18 a.m. The Promise of Long Life in the Lord

Oct. 18 p.m. Elijah is Tested by the Death of the Widow’s Son

Oct. 12 Thanksgiving Day Giving Thanks Through Hard Times

Oct. 11 a.m.  Elijah Fed By a Widow

Oct. 11 p.m.  Our Duty Towards God and the Government

Oct. 4 a.m. God’s Answer to the Publican’s Prayer

Oct. 4 p.m.  Elijah by the Brook Cherith

Sept. 27 p.m. God’s Day in God’s Way

Aug. 16 a.m. A Sad History of Idolatry

Aug. 16 p.m. Urgency Needed for the Building of the Lord’s House 

Aug. 9 a.m.   Christ Exposes How Much We Love Him (or Not!)

Aug. 9 p.m.   The Essential Christian Life

Aug. 2 a.m.   The Path to Holiness

Aug. 2 p.m.   The Prayer for Holiness

July 26 a.m.  Why Must We Do Good Works?

July 26 p.m. The Humble Service of Our God

July 19 a.m.  God`s Beautiful Word

July 19 p.m.  Entrusted with the Keys

July 12 a.m.  God`s Beautiful World

July 12 p.m.  The Pure Lord`s Supper

July 5 a.m.    Declaring Gospel Basics

July 5 p.m.    Delighting in the Lord

June 28 a.m. The Spiritual Significance of the Lord`s Supper

June 28 p.m. Confidence in Our High Priest

June 21 a.m. Jesus Seeks Out His Father’s Glory

June 21 p.m. The Basics of the Lord`s Supper

June 14 a.m.  Baptism`s Spiritual Significance

June 14 p.m. Hope through Hardship

June 7 a.m.  The Essence of Our Obligation

June 7 p.m.  The Basics of Baptism

May 31 a.m.  The “Afterward” is Here

May 31 p.m.  New Covenant – Heart Religion

May 24 a.m.  The Relationship of Faith and the Sacraments

May 24 p.m.  I and You

May 21 p.m.   The Exalted Jesus Proclaimed in Jerusalem

May 17 a.m.    Christ’s Natural Authority

May 17 p.m.    God’s Glorious Plan

May 10 a.m.    The Faith of Timothy’s Mother and Grandmother

May 10 p.m.    Everyone is Building

May 3 a.m.      By Faith

May 3 p.m.      The Lord’s Undisputed Judgement

April 26 a.m.   False Prophets are Known by their Fruits

April 26 p.m.   The Believer’s Eternal Portion

April 19 a.m.   A Believer’s Spiritual Blessings

April 19 p.m.   The Promise of Possessing the Land

April 12 a.m.   No Body Found!

April 12 p.m.   On the Other Side of the Final Resurrection

April 10 a.m.   The People Moved to Reject the King of the Jews

April 5 a.m.   Christ Rejects Satan’s Attempt to Keep Him from the Cross

April 5 p.m.   The Holy Spirit’s Work in Believer’s Hearts

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