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  • Let not your Heart be Troubled

    A collection of sermons by Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones is entitled Let Not Your Heart be Troubled addresses an existential struggle we all are going through right now – trouble and anxiety. All of the chapters address the matter helpfully and from a robustly biblical perspective. It is a very satisfying

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  • The 7 Last Words of Christ

    Every year, 7th Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan holds a community service on Good Friday.  This service consists of seven meditations by seven Reformed ministers from different churches, each treating one of the seven sayings of Christ from the cross.  They are usually very edifying and help maintain the

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  • Mary’s Love for Jesus

    In between two tragic developments of opposition against Jesus in Mark 14:1-2 and 10-11 we have the contrast presented in Mary’s anointing of Jesus.  Jesus receives this act of devotion, defends its high purpose, and establishes its significance for perpetuity.  In this passage we are searched by God’s Word as

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