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  • Addressing Lows and Lulls in Church Life

    A French-reformed Pastor of the 19th century, Adolphe Monod, asked the question, “How are we to deliver the church from its inward languor [tiredness or inertia] and outward inactivity?” A question that could fit well with the current trend of what has come to be known as “church revitalization.” He

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  • Feeding the Lamp of Piety

    Taken from the chapter entitled “The Devout Widow” from a book available on Google Play called Pastoral Reminiscences by Shepard Kollock we have very helpful insight into the importance of direct views of Christ for daily piety. “How true it is that “the just,” the righteous in Christ Jesus “live,”

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  • Called to Believe

    Sadly in our days, in the church and outside of it, faith has become this weak, personal thing – held uncertainly and not really worth setting forth. ┬áThis ought not to be the faith of the Gospel, the Christian faith, the faith that feeds upon the truth as it is

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